Security services

For an actively developing business it is very important to guarantee the interests of the company with complete internal and external security. In the framework of integrated security " detachment MOO “ROSA”, provides services for the enterprise security services, the introduction of staff trained professional bodyguards and security staff conducts business exploration and analysis of the competitive environment, as well as offering recruitment services.

The list of security services CHOP “SBR” includes:
Ensuring integrated human security and enterprise
Cargo escort
Personal bodyguards and highly professional security officers
Implementation of surveillance
Drawing up expert opinions on third party developed security measures, assessment schemes, recommendations.

MOO “ROSA” working with specialists of the security company “SBR” can create an effective integrated security system that will, in a timely manner, work to expose internal and external threats and to abolish them, protect businesses interests, wealth and all the stages of production and business activities, as well as the health and life of employees. CHOP “SBR” provides professional services for the protection of various cargoes: Exploring the customer-provided transportation route of the protected goods, determine the point of loading-unloading and other key items. After analyzing the motion path values and identifying, “high-risk groups” shall be drawn up and coordinated security plan established.