Executive Protection services

Established in 1999, MOO “ROSA” in cooperation with specialists of the security company CHOP “SBR” offer you Executive Protection services like no other. With a reach spanning across the major cities in Russia and everything between, a history of professional service, and access to expansive resources, MOO “ROSA” offers a security service that can be adapted to your personal and professional needs that will make your VIP visit to Russia feel safe from start to finish.

Congratulations from Vladimir Putin on the Day of Russia, 2015

Thanks from the Moscow International Film Festival

Thank-you from Jim Carrey

The list of Executive Protection services offered by MOO “ROSA” includes:
A security detail to greet you upon arrival to Russia and escort you to your destination, with optional motorcade
Access to a professional translator on standby 24-7
On call driver 24-7, with optional security attachment
Personal bodyguards and highly professional security officers or crowd controllers
Communication with Federal, State, and local authorities
A thorough security action plan for your visit from arrival to departure
Active and adaptive threat & vulnerability assessment
Pre-emptive security review of venue location and collaboration with venue security

For more information, general enquiries, quotes, or to arrange a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at post@moo-rosa.ru or phone on +7 (967) 106-96-44.